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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury :: Ray Bradburys Fahrenheit 451

Farenheit 451 Hello my name is Michael Clements, I attend Sout Gwinnett High School. In our English class we were assigned to read the book Farenhite 451. The book was verry unique unlike any other i have ever read. The author of Farenhite 451 told of much science fiction that became true over the present years. I think he is a verry good observer. In this paper the critics view, analysis of literacy device, and the revelance to society today. These topics will be mentioned and shared throught the paper. The critic that criticizes you, Mr. Bradburry is verry supportive of your book Farenheit 451. The critic Pauln A. Gilster shars his thoughts on your book clearly and freely. The quote I chose from Gilsters article stated, "The real power of the tale is the lean language Bradburry assigns his villains. (Document A) I chose this small part because i am interested in the make up of your characters. One good quote from your novel that supports this is stated by Beatty, "For everyone nowadays knows absolutely nothing will ever happen to me." (133) When beatty says this he is refering to everyones thoughts. This shows the smoothness of the novel and the realistic imagry of todays society. Throughout the book literary devices makes the writing exciting to read. A passage from a document shows the ritics response that i agree with. Gilster states "All of Bradburrys pieces of work are laced with extravagance, and airy chiffon's language."(Document A) Mr. Bradburry you are a brilliant. Imaginative writings are quoted to describe certain objects. "The police helicopters were rising so far away it seemed someone had blown the gray head off a dandelion flower. Two dozen of them flurried, wavering, indecisive, three miles off, like butterflies puzzled by autumn, and thy were plummeting down to land, one by one, here, there, softly kneading the streets where, turning back to beetles, they shreaked along the boulevards or, as suddenly, leaped back into the air, continuing their search."(226) This Writing From the novel Farenheit 451 was written with great similes metaphors and outstanding imagery. I in my imagination i could see the the helicopters as dandelion seeds. it also g ave me a sense of a summer afternoon, i can see the helicopters making a shadow over the sunset. Only can i see this with your great description. not only can i see the helicopter i can feel it feel like i am there watching.

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Poem Interpretation

The poems of Robert Frost reflect a journey, his own personal journey. But more than that, it describes a period of American exploration. â€Å"Desert Places, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and The Road Not Taken† reveals the poet’s thoughts about the occurrence of changes during his time. It is a revolutionary period for the United States. The Industrial Development is underway, and it fuels a new age in American History. A country is on its way towards progress, and so is Robert Frost’s claim in the literary circle. IN A CAPSULE There is an emotional attachment found in the poem, â€Å"Desert Places.† It may describe a situation out in the cold but inner feelings become a far-reaching instrument on what the poet thinks about things. The portrayal of loneliness is best described in a deserted place on a dark and snowy evening. Treading the road alone brings a heavy feeling. No one is on sight but there is much to overcome. The inner will is far diff icult to tame than the elements along the way. Mr. Frost points out that the actions to deal with certain situations are up to the individual. While there are external factors and influences to consider, what keeps the event in check remains a personal decision.The poet exemplifies a brave stand to never succumb to outside inhibitions while at the same time controlling his inner fear. In â€Å"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,† Robert Frost brings his loneliness into the scene. He is deep in the woods but the snow is still there. His horse is there to keep him company. The place is dark alright, maybe darker than what is seen in the â€Å"Desert Places,† but fear to move onwards has been controlled. â€Å"Lovely woods† is a great description for keeping things in control. But what makes the poem different is that, it is about pursuing dreams and keeping promises.The individual doesn’t stop for anything. His travel continues. His appreciation for what he sees in the woods may have been inspired by the dreams and promises. With those things in mind, he just keeps going and going if only to bring some truth to what he needs to achieve. â€Å"The Road Not Taken† is a piece about choosing sides. It is about options. The poet may have been crossing different paths during his time that he shares his views on what road to take. Robert Frost may have recalled a fateful decision that he made in the past which had a profound impact on his later life.One important note that the poem emphasizes is staying true to something that has already been decided. There are no explanations to consider. Only a statement rings true that taking a side has brought a positive outcome. The poem goes straight to the context of hitting the mark. There are no complaints and no explanations are necessary to back up the road earlier chosen. EVOKING IMAGES A shadow of doubt is cast initially among the three poems. It reveals how human Mr. Frost is to harbor hesitant and uncertain feelings. He goes on to describe the difficulties of finding dreams and making things happen.The literary pieces evokes feelings of being lost in the storm and managing to locate the right track and come out of it all, not necessarily unscathed, but nevertheless victorious. Perhaps people can sympathize what all three poems depict. There is a sense of urgency to do things. A variety of feelings will lead an individual to the unpredictable and the unspeakable. But it is the inner conviction that wins it in the end. A determination withstanding the faces of hardship and difficulty as portrayed by the falling snow and the dark nights will be the vital factor to turning things around.Emotions frequent the poems of Robert Frost. Individuals share in the experience of braving the odds and gaining victory against adversity. People’s inner selves vary but all feel the same way. It is how a person responds to the challenges and the tides of the times that make his life worthy. The poems are timeless, and can be a source of inspiration for generations to come. But it is up to the reading public how they interpret Mr. Frost’s words. Literary masterpieces such as the three poems have a whole lot of meaning to consider. It is as deep as many other pieces can be. It is what makes people human.And it is what keeps the poet man as well. The words itself can bring forth fire and fury. Everyone is on familiar ground. Mr. Frost fuels that desire to conquer and achieve things beyond people’s dreams. This is what binds individuals together. Goals are shared. It is inspiring to address the powerful and brilliant message that the poet instills in the minds of the willing literary enthusiasts. Fear is still felt by the individual. Mr. Frost points that out in the â€Å"Desert Places. † The line which states that â€Å"They cannot scare me with their empty spaces,† evokes a sentiment of being afraid.It is a common feeling. But the biggest difference among readers and followers is how to manage or react to that type of situation. Even the horse in the â€Å"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening† wondered about the individual’s doubtful and untrusting attitude towards adversity. Numerous challenges are everywhere. It can be devastating all of a sudden but making dreams come true can be worthwhile. REPRESENTING THE WORLD Most masterpieces inspire people. A poet reveals his thoughts and feelings to many for the purpose of helping others cope up with situations. It is more than poetry.There is nothing more frightful than being stalked out of one’s goals. It all begins with the road. Hardships come and unveil the true character of the individual. Robert Frost seems to be putting the words into his mouth. It can be that his poems are all a reflection of his actions but it can also be that he is putting on a challenge for the rest of the people to follow. He is merely showing the way, showing his emotions to be used as the basis for everybody to look into and get motivated. It is Mr. Frost who gets to speak in his poems but in reality, he is representing each and everyone.People share common dreams. People feel the same fear. The same difficulties lie ahead. The same situations present itself in everyday life. The only denominator is the approach an individual makes while undergoing the various scenes that the poet has depicted for the rest of the people. His marvelous words are written for everybody. If there is a thing in this world that needs changing, it is solely the character of man. People have to be reminded every now and then about certain ideas and information which regards to daily living. Almost always, life is being taken for granted.Robert Frost’s words are just in time to voice essential lessons repeatedly into the minds of many individuals. While his poems are written in the past, the values contained on it are as valuable today as it has been yes terday. One thing worth taking note among Mr. Frost’s poems is the way his masterpieces are told doesn’t complicate things further. It may not bring forth the light of enlightenment but at least it puts a sense of purpose to everything it says. The titles of the poems possess a degree of hiding the content a bit. â€Å"Desert Places† marks that inner fear inside most individuals.But until reading those words until the last stanza, the reader will wonder what Mr. Frost is up to in the first place. Literally, many people will think that the title may correspond to some scenery in the Middle East. But it is not. The reading public must therefore think in order for the poet’s words to sink in. â€Å"The Road Not Taken† keeps people which path the poet choose. His idea of bringing the main thought of the poem is to reverse things a little to allow thinking. There is a twist but never to a level of great difficulty. Mr.Frost has taken the less traveled r oad which leaves many wondering what happened to the other path. In â€Å"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,† the poet again is diverting the attention from the true focus of the lines. Perhaps many are waiting for his story about the reason why he stopped during a snowy situation. But the answer to that may have led the readers to Mr. Frost’s effort to keep going in order to make his promise a reality. Poems may be a mind-twister. But it allows individuals to look deeper. There are details that lead some lines astray.However, it is meant to be as it is just to make the poem a remarkable journey and adventure. SYMBOLISM The three poems are written as narratives. Perhaps based as personal experiences of the poet, a story from each is learned. But always, Robert Frost is hiding something in between the lines. It is not necessarily on purpose, however, there is a need for the reader to uncover some contents of the poem which allows a greater understanding of the piece in its entirety. There are thoughts in between the lines which can be interpreted as mere distractions.The truth is, the ideas are supporting the content of the main thought. There is a real meaning behind most words in the poems of Mr. Frost. Loneliness must never be taken as it is, literally, that is. It can be an emotion of someone craving for attention. It can be a personal journey. It can even be finding oneself in the process. There is whole lot of meaning to the words in between the lines. The familiarity of the poems can be attributed not merely that all are written by the same poet. Robert Frost presents an approach which an individual can relate to in real life.By being in the middle of a snowy night, anybody can put himself on that situation. By being along and driven cold, most individuals press on to achieve their goals. The poems of Mr. Frost are founded on simple yet understandable narrative which presents a scene for readers to follow. It can be that the readers are themselves the heroes in their very own situations. Overcoming difficult situations are present in the â€Å"Desert Places† where the poet not minding the danger presented by the snowy night in the woods continues on with his trip to somewhere.A similar scene is depicted in the â€Å"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening† where the individual plunges on no matter what. â€Å"The Road Not Taken† tackles two paths along the way. Still the difficulty of choosing and going ahead with the decision is clearly seen and observed. Robert Frost’s poems uncover scenes of overcoming adversity. It is a symbol of what America stands for, a country on its way to prosperity and development. For always, the room for improvement is being acknowledged in this country. America is a work in progress.The Industrial Revolution during the 18th and 19th Century propels the United States to its seat as a world leader and superpower. With a mixture of different cultures, it continue s to thrive amidst the pressures coming from numerous differences among the races within its domain. America is constantly innovating and developing. Robert Frost portrays the need to pursue dreams and turn them into reality. When a person comes to America, his ideals become a symbol of what the poet says. Everybody who goes to the United States is looking for something bigger. That someone is making the best of everything to live a comfortable life.Along the journey towards progress await the hardships and difficulties of making it big. During the Industrial Revolution, people rush out and risk doing things to reach the American dream. It is the age of inventions. Industries are revolutionized, and lives will never be the same again. That progress continues until today. And it continues to inspire through the words of Robert Frost. In search for a better life, immigrants are knocking on the American doors annually. While new to this country, visiting citizens blend well with their counterparts in doing things no matter how hard they are.To achieve dreams, taking risks mean everything. Mr. Frost points to hard work as the vital factor in pursuing goals and objectives. Roles and responsibilities must play its part to build dreams a reality. The poet is on hand to guide the rest of America into staking their claim for a place in the United States of America. CONCLUSION The deep woods and the falling snowy are very much a part of American culture. Simply said, the way these things are describe in the three poems reflects Robert Frost’s upbringing. He walks through the woods on a snowy night just like any American.How heavy and hard it is to trek the roads ahead make no difference at all as long as the individual marches on in search for his place in a progressive world, one which America and Mr. Frost represents. BIBLIOGRAPHY Collection of Robert Frost’s Poems Retrieved September 13, 2007 from http://www. everypoet. com/Archive/poetry/Robert_Frost/r obert_frost_stopping_by_woods_on_a_snowy_evening. htm Poems of Robert Frost Retrieved September 13, 2007 from http://www. poemhunter. com/poem/desert-places/ Poems by Robert Frost Retrieved September 13, 2007 from http://www. internal. org/list_poems. phtml? authorID=7

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Teen Pregnancy Essay - 1660 Words

Each year approximately 750,000 adolescents (ages 15-19) in the United States will become pregnant and about 400,000 of those adolescents will give birth. Out of all the developed nations in the world, the United States has the highest incidence of teen pregnancy. Although there has been a decline in the number of pregnancies among adolescents, teen pregnancy is still a serious health concern that needs continued intervention. It is widely agreed upon that becoming pregnant at a young age has negative effects on both mother and baby in many different aspects. What are the reasons for the increased rate of teen pregnancies in the United States despite the health risks, and how can we lower it? There is no doubt that becoming pregnant at a†¦show more content†¦Inadequate zinc intake can lead to congenital abnormalities and fetal growth retardation. Low iron intake can also lead to fetal growth retardation. Low levels of vitamin D can cause rickets and low levels of calcium can cause poor skeletal development in the fetus. There are many more complications that can occur later in life as well due to malnutrition during pregnancy. (Nnam, 2015) Pregnancy can be a stressful time, much more so in a teenager who isn’t developmentally at the age to have child or be a mother. There is a great number of teenage mothers who use alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs while pregnant. Just as diet plays an important part in the health of the mother and baby, abstinence from chemicals is of upmost importance. The most widely used chemical during pregnancy is alcohol. There is no known safe amount of alcohol that is allowed during pregnancy, so complete abstinence is recommended. Alcohol is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and crosses the placenta, into the fetus, because the liver is not fully functional, the fetus is exposed to high levels. Alcohol use during pregnancy can increase the risk of stillbirth or miscarriage. Alcohol usage is also linked to low b irth weight and learning disabilities. The most serious complications from alcohol use during pregnancy collectively fallShow MoreRelatedTeen Pregnancy Essay2181 Words   |  9 PagesPregnancies are a wonderful thing. Just imagine being able to create another human being and bringing it into the world. Although this may be what the majority of mothers think, teen moms may have a different perspective. They might have been forced into pregnancy and the child may be a reoccurring thought of what happened to her. Chances are the teen will love her baby in the long run, but in the beginning the teen most likely had different views. Teen pregnancy is a worldwide problem that needsRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1019 Words   |  5 PagesTeen Pregnancy Nearly thirteen percent of all births in the United States were teenage girls from the ages fifteen to nineteen. Almost one million teenagers become pregnant each year and about 485,00 give birth. In many situations the answer to keeping a relationship going is to have a good sex life. Most teen relationships are based on sex. This is one of the main reasons why teenage birth rates are so high. I am a good person to make a case for this topic because I have witnessed from a familyRead MoreEssay on Teen Pregnancy1041 Words   |  5 PagesIt has been said that teens across the world have not been receiving enough sex education. This has led to many issues with teens becoming pregnant, which most of the time is unanticipated. Teenage pregnancy has been a social problem throughout the world for a number of decades now. Many studies have been completed in several countries that pertain to the amount of teens and the types of teens who are becoming pregnant. Rates among teens had bee n declining for some time, but are starting to takeRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1364 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is teen pregnancy? Teenage pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy, is pregnancy in females under the age of 20. A female can become pregnant from sexual intercourse after she has begun to ovulate, which can be before her first menstrual period but usually occurs after the onset of her periods. There are many reasons why teens end up pregnant at such a young age. These reasons consist of family related problems, the lack of being taught about safe sex in school and by parents at homeRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1426 Words   |  6 Pageswhat is going to help reduce the alarmingly high rate of teen pregnancies has not ceased. Many argue over whether abstinence-only should be taught in high school and if it is the key to reducing the high teen pregnancy rate. From my standpoint, I believe that it should be taught. However, it should be accompanied by the teachings of birth control along with other contraceptives and how to use them. The fact of the matter is that teen pregnancies continue to be a prevalent problem and teaching abstinenceRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay915 Words   |  4 PagesTeen Pregnancy Over the past two decades, the rates of teen pregnancy have grown dramatically. According to the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy, approximately every thirty-one seconds ateenager becomes pregnant in the United States. This is unbelievable, however that is the truth that no one can deny. Many people think that teen pregnancy dont effect them unless they get pregnant or one of the family members in teenage get pregnant. However teen pregnancy really affects our communities and countryRead More Teen Pregnancy Essay643 Words   |  3 Pagesdifficulties that come with an unplanned pregnancy in teens can have a profound effect on their life. Their physical, social, mental, and emotional health will all be affected by a sudden change in the course of their life. Teens impacted with an unplanned pregnancy will have to give up many things in order to be a parent. In addition, they will have to take on many more responsibilities that accompany pregnancy and parenthood. All in all, having an unplanned pregnancy and becoming a parent introduceRead MoreTeen Pregnancy Essay1314 Words   |  6 Pages(Hamilton, B.E.). That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. According to, â€Å"11 facts about teen pregnancy† less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30 (Par. 2 5). There are many reasons for this and the best way to help limit teen pregnancy would be to require parents to attend teen pregnancy prevention meetings held by schools. One of the many problems is that most teens are not well informed about the troubles of being a teen parent. They don’t understand how it willRead MoreEssay On Teen Pregnancy1590 Words   |  7 PagesTeen Pregnancy Task 1 Teenage pregnancy has been around for thousands of years, and in the past was in fact an ideal among societies of past times, such as the Ancient Greeks, the Medieval Era, and even as late as the 20th century. Teenage women were thought to be at the prime age for baring children, and often as soon as they were married, fell pregnant. However, in this era, women have more opportunities to go further and reach higher in life, they have the chance to be successful, and to rivalRead More Teen Pregnancy Essay710 Words   |  3 PagesPrevent Teen Pregnancy nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; After reading Martha Balash’s article, Schools Can Help to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Balash has put time and effort into this proposal on stopping Teen Pregnancy. I think Balash’s introduction is very effective because she goes straight to the facts. She doesn’t try to mislead you with any false facts. She goes straight to the point and the point is to prevent teen pregnancy. Balash tells that schools has more influence over teen pregnancy than what

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Public Trusts Policy For Induction Of Labour - 786 Words

The purpose of this essay is to explore a local trusts policy for induction of labour due to a prolonged pregnancy and discuss how this has been interpreted from national drivers and then implemented at a local level. To begin with it will define induction of labour and outline the significance of this policy. Moving on it will discuss the national drivers and then look at how the policy has interpreted and delivered the national drivers at a local level. It will also discuss how national driver and policies are monitored and evaluated to determine their success in practice. The essay will conclude with key recommendations for changes in practice. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (Nursing Midwifery Council, 2015) anonymity will be maintained throughout. Pairman et al (2015) state that ‘Induction of labour is the artificial initiation of labour before its spontaneous onset, for the purpose of birthing the baby’ (Pairman, Pincombe, Thorogood, Tracy, 2015 p 1015). Additionally, a local trust policy suggestions induction of labour (IOL) is ‘An intervention designed to artificially initiate uterine contractions, leading to progressive effacement and dilatation of the cervix and the birth of the baby.’ (Local Trust, 2011 P3). Both definitions state that the IOL is artificially simulated labour with the intention to birth of the baby. However for the purpose of this essay the definition provided by the local trust will be utilised, as it givesShow MoreRelatedChange Company Profit Based The Surveyor Essay1479 Words   |  6 Pagessenior members of staff. Induction processes for new staff is important and employers must provide adequate supervision at all times, inexperienced employees should be treated with ex tra care. It is an employer’s duty to employee competent employees, this is important because of an employer’s vicarious liability for the negligence of its employees. .Improve Labour relation- The surveyor could recommend a more open communication channel between employees and management. â€Å"Good labour relations will fosterRead MoreThe Importance of Coaching and Initial Induction of New Employees4461 Words   |  18 Pagesany level, the initial impression of professionalism and competence will have an impact on the effectiveness and contribution of that employee. It sets out the standards of what is expected in terms of safety, procedures, and performance. A good induction will welcome the new employee and help them to integrate into the business more smoothly. It is important to remember that all employees, new and existing, have skills which may not be fully utilised. When recognised and developed, these skillsRead MoreSick Leave4382 Words   |  18 Pagesconsultation with the employees/Union. Normally there will be compulsory Holiday on May.1 st (Labor Day) and November 1st (Karnataka Rajyotsava) Other Leaves: As the casual Leave, Sick leave Paid leave is concerned the companies have there own leave policies: 1. Casual Leave: Many of the companies in India provides 6-12 casual leaves per Year and we cannot avail more than 3 leaves consequently. 2. Sick Leave: Companies provide 6 to 12 Sick Leaves. Employees who avail sick leave for more than 3 consequentRead MoreA Report On Marketing Manager Essay4142 Words   |  17 PagesTeacher: Teacher is responsible for tutoring, answering questions, recording students’ attendance, marking students’ assignments and giving feedback. (b) Because of the Indian government’s policy, NZAB has to face the truth that they won’t have any new Indian students until there is any change in the policies of Indian government. Therefore, NZAB has to restructure the organization. Most Indian students take Business and IT classes, so those two courses will be affected the most. NZDB will onlyRead MorePhysical Education And School Sport Essay2156 Words   |  9 PagesPhysical Education and School Sport (PESS) has seen many changes to its policy since 1960 up until the present day. PE has changed from a subject that promoted ideologies surrounding military drill, to more recently engaging children in lifelong participation whilst also excelling in a broad range of activities (DfE, 2013). Up until 2000 ‘sport’ dominated government policy documents, with John Major implementing his ‘Raising the game’ ideology. With his main aims being to identify young people withRead MoreA Critical Understanding of the Theories and Principles of Resource Leadership and Management Practice Together with an Analysis of a Current Resource Dilemma Within the Setting.3202 Words   |   13 Pagesattention will be given to the functions within recruitment and selection, employment laws and legislation along with standards that are expected to be adhered to, as these are the essential elements of strategic HMR. â€Å"HRM comprises of a set of policies designed to maximise organisational integration, employee commitment, flexibility and quality of work.† Guest 1987 (as cited in Armstrong 2006, pg 4)   Recruitment and selection is a major HRM function as it covers all organisational practicesRead MoreManage Human Resources As A Manager Essay4627 Words   |  19 Pagesdue to dramatic fall in Indian student they should release staff from teaching, marketing and administration as well. Academic director should give advertisement, recruit, and develop staff for college. They should also Keep in touch with new NZQA policies and imply in college as well. Head of Department- Heads of department are academic leaders in their disciplines and work with their head of college and with other heads of department to deliver University strategic objectives. Heads of departmentRead MoreHuman Resources10735 Words   |  43 Pagesthe non-teaching staff at the College had the combination of management and IT skills necessary for the job, and the lecturers did not want a non-teaching job. The College therefore has to look outside to find a suitable person. Using external labour market information is a good way for a business to look at the kinds of people they should recruit and it can then target its advertisements at the right people for the job. Businesses can look at lots of different employment trends to see whereRead MoreEffects of Retention Strategies on Employee Turnover8857 Words   |  36 PagesSUPERVISED BY: DATE PRESENTED: ABSTRACT This paper presents some of the existing institutional retention strategies and tries to point out their effect on employee turnover. The study intends to establish how recognition and rewards, induction programmes, the working environment and training and career management opportunities influence an institutions rate of employee turnover. It seeks to understand the different retention strategies that organizations employ and their effectivenessRead MoreThe Experience Of Women Who Are Cared For By A General Practitioner ( Gp )2724 Words   |  11 Pageswith this study as it will explore the experiences of women in both models of care and information gained will increase the body of knowledge and will also be the basis of policy recommendations. The limitations in this study will be the way women view pregnancy, labour and birth. For those women who view pregnancy labour and birth as a low risk normal event which require guidance and support, they might see caseload midwifery as the best option. For those viewing birth as a high-risk situation

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Essay on Juvenile Runaways in the United States - 1144 Words

Juvenile Runaways in the United States Running away from home is one of the commonest juvenile offenses in America today. Children run to escape, to hide, to start a new life, to change their routine, or to follow a dream. There are 1.3 million juveniles that live on the street each day according to the National Runaway Switchboard (NRS). The statistics regarding the rates of juveniles in this country that runaway are surprising. Unfortunately with all of the children out on the street our system is not doing much to combat the problem. In most states running away is not illegal, which leaves law enforcement with few options when attempting to locate or recover a missing runaway child. It has been said that, young people†¦show more content†¦Family conflict over sexual identity is one reason some of these youths leave home (Smart, 1991), and some youths are thrown out by their families. Unfortunately what can almost be expected is that runaway youths often have histories of substance abuse from prior to their run. Out on the street especially, intravenous drug use can be a serious risk for contracting HIV if clean needles are not used. When poor grades, conflict with school officials, parental censure, and various personal problems, such as depression and substance abuse, combine to create a sense of extreme discomfort for adolescents, many youths will run away (Tuohy, 1993). Our problem in this country is not that teenagers run away by the tens of thousands, but that they have no place to run when they do. When a youth runs away from his or her legal guardians, the police frequently encounter them. Generally, the police officer will take the runaway to the station, notify the childs parents, and refer the family to a social worker. The law enforcement officers do not generally take the time to ask the child why he or she ran to see if there is a better solution to the problem. Most of the social service agencies are too large to provide adequate individualized careShow MoreRelatedRunaway Juveniles Are Not A Serious Problem821 Words   |  4 Pagesrun away from home in the United States (Sanchez, Waller, Greene, 2006; Tyler Bersani, 2008). Most runaways rarely stay away from home for long periods and stay within 50 miles of home (Hammer, Finkelhor, Sedlak, 2002). Although runaway juveniles are not a serious problem (Kim, 2006) and eventually retur n to parents or guardian (Milburn et al., 2007), they are victimized and exposed in deteriorate circumstances while away. There were many problems for runaway juveniles, in spite of returning afterRead MoreWhat Are Five Major Court Cases That Influenced Our Treatment Of Juveniles Today?1203 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment 4.1 – Juvenile Court Process What are five major court cases that influenced our treatment of juveniles today? For each case, briefly state how the case has made an impact. Five major court cases that influenced our treatment of juveniles today include Kent v. United States (1966), In re Gault (1967), In re Winship (1970), McKeiver v. Pennsylvania (1971) and Breen v. Jones (1975). Kent v. United States (1966) set the standards for transfers. In this case, the judge ruled Kent to adultRead MoreThe Juvenile Justice System Essay examples1326 Words   |  6 PagesThe Juvenile Justice System Jodia M Murphy Kaplan University CJ150 Juvenile Delinquency Professor Thomas Woods July 31, 2012 Abstract This paper takes a brief look at the history and evolution of the juvenile justice system in the United States. In recent years there has been an increase of juvenile cases being transferred into the adult court system. This paper will also look at that process and the consequences of that trend. History and Evolution In the early nineteenth centuryRead More Juevenile Delinquency Essay904 Words   |  4 Pages The Criminology of the Juvenile Mind Criminology is defined as the scientific study of the nature, extent, cause and control of criminal behavior. Due to the non-ending threat of crime, violence and even terror threats, criminology has gained in popularity as an academic field of study. Criminology is the scientific approach to studying criminal behavior. {Larry Siegel, Criminology Theories, patterns amp; Typologies, 2004.} In studying criminal behavior scientist have categorized the periodRead MoreJuvenile Crime And The Juvenile Justice System1278 Words   |  6 PagesNovember 7, 2014 Juvenile Crime and the Juvenile Justice System in North Carolina: Informative Speech Specific Purpose Statement To inform my audience about the seriousness of juvenile crime and the problems that North Carolina faces when dealing with underage offenders. Introduction I. According to the Annual Summary Report done by the North Carolina Department of Justice and the State Bureau of Investigation, in 2012, approximately 36,000 juveniles were arrested in the state of North CarolinaRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Prevention Act Of 19741576 Words   |  7 Pagesexploring the internet on juvenile delinquents. We as a class have had many good questions to answer about the different ways juveniles are treated, and what the correct or incorrect treatment is for juveniles. We have written many papers and had many discussion on historical milestones, landmark cases, adult courts, juvenile courts, probation and parole, detention centers and juvenile training programs. This semester has really changed the way that I look at juvenile delinquents. Three historicalRead MoreThe Interpretation Of Delinquency Of The United States974 Words   |  4 Pagesthe 1800s in the United States, children were targeted when there was a need in a labor. Therefore, because children were performing similar labor duties as adults there was not an obvious distinction between a child and adult at that time. With the implementation of labor laws, then children gained legal rights that separated them from adults. As of today, an individual under the age of 18 can be categorized as a delinquent juvenile based on their behavior. The majority of states consider that someoneRead MoreHuman Trafficking : The United States1250 Words   |  5 Pageshuman trafficking? Most of us probably think of human trafficking as being an issue that poor countries just have but, that isn’t the case. Human trafficking is alive and sadly thriving in the United States. According to Trafficking Source Center, 5,544 cases of human trafficking were reported in the Uni ted States in 2015. With human trafficking being around for so long, nations have to find ways to create tougher laws, find a way to focus on the issue, and create better safe havens for the victims ofRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Modern Day Form Of Slavery1393 Words   |  6 Pagesforeign citizens.   That however, is dangerously untrue.   It is one of the biggest crime industries in America, behind drug and arms dealing.   It’s happening right in our backyard, human trafficking is extremely prevalent in big American cities and states with international borders and national highways. â€Å"Sex Trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such an act is under the age of 18 (5-stones)Read MoreFemale Juveniles Are The Most Vulnerable927 Words   |  4 PagesFemale juveniles are known to be the most vulnerable. If they are growing up in poverty or suffering from abuse, their delinquent behavior are often leads to self-destruction. Female juveniles will most likely grow up to join street gangs, drop out of school, or become teenage mothers. Girls are the fastest growing segment of the juvenile justice system with minority females disproportionately represented among delinquent girls; two-thirds are girls of color. The majority have been subjected to some

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Relationship Between Brand Forgiveness and Brand Equity

Question: Discuss about the Relationship Between Brand Forgiveness and Brand Equity. Answer: Introduction It has been found that first impression about a product or service can develop a specific mental image in the mind of customers. Stahl et al. (2012) stated that unpleasant experience or negative publicity about a brand can create unfair classification about a brand. It can decrease brand forgiveness. It has been found that brands and companies within the service industry have to face intense pressure from the customers related with their service quality (Kapferer 2012). It has been found that service failure and negative brand association can question business trustworthiness. Service failure is often considered unavoidable without proper brand equity. It is a word used in marketing to explain the worth of having well recognized brand name. Torres et al.(2012) stated that proprietor of a well recognized brand can produce better revenue from a specific product or service compare to less well known companies. The reason of brand equity is to calculate the value of brand name. It encompasses factors such as image, name, logo, and perceptions which can help to address a product or service. Now it has become essential to find out the connection between brand forgiveness and brand equity. It has been found that brands corporate social responsibilities (CSR) initiatives and firms response (apology) have positive impact on the rate of forgiveness. It has been found that the level of consumer equity can increase the rate of forgiveness for many companies. Brand forgiveness It has been found that one of the hardest jobs of managing appropriate brand value is to clean up all the mess after a crisis situation. Hsu (2012) stated that when customers forgive any mishap done by their favorite brands can be termed as brand forgiveness. However, brand forgiveness is not an easy thing to achieve. According to Sheng and Teo (2012), a brand will have to go through a period of penance before it can regain its trust among customers. Rusty Cowly (the assistant director of public relation and communication at Texas AM) has developed a six step approach to achieve forgiveness. They are mentioned below: Confess sins and mishaps committed by the company The management team needs to explain what happened and why happened. Cuneo et al. (2012) stated that, in most of the cases it has been found that fault of the company may exist only in the mind of an outraged community. The management needs to remind that outraged customers or community can cause great harm to the brand reputation. Hence, the management needs to acknowledge their faults and admit that they are wrong. Allow the community to purge its outrage The company needs to create a community to express its emotions directly to the top brass. The management needs to take notes but avoid debt. Apologize and repent Kim et al. (2012) mentioned that apology has three stages. 1) Accept fault 2) show sympathy to specific victims 3) accept responsibility for improvement Make things right The management team has to take suggestion from community and seek their suggestions. They also have to work on the suggestions as well. In order to gain forgiveness, they have to do more than they are asked to do by the customers. Show consumers the improvement They have to update the customer community regularly. The management has to develop system that will prevent the company from transgressing again. They have to ask for recommendations from customers and implement them than their own. Show humility They have to give physical reality to their penance. They have to develop some offers, loyalty programs or something dramatic in order to gain customer loyalty again. Brand equity Jara and Cliquet (2012) stated that brand equity is the word used to mention the worth of a brand. It has been found that reason of brand equity is to calculate the worth of a brand. It encompasses name, logo, image, and identity of a product or service. It promises about quality, performance and various other dimensions related with values that can affect consumers choice about the competing products and services. It has been analyzed that when customers belief a brand and discover its service relevant, they may decide on the offerings related with the brand over those of the competitors. Brand equity can be effectively handled by the development of the brand equity objectives. Wang and Li (2012) stated that, the brand equity goals can be used to track performance and progress of a specific service or product. Brand reinforcement is considered as one of the major part of the brand equity. Bruhn et al. (2012) stated that as a significant asset, brand has to be cautiously managed so its worth does not reduce. Companies can easily strengthen brand equity by assigning the meaning of brand in context of two terms. They are mentioned below: What service or product that the company offers, what are the core benefits and what needs that it can satisfy. How the brand makes a service or product superior and which favorable, strong and unique brand association needs to exist in customers mind. Hakala et al. (2012) stated that brand Reinforcement is becoming highly significant in intensively competitive markets. Impact of brand equity on brand forgiveness It has been found that any new expansion in the advertising environment can significantly have an effect on the fortune of a brand. Unpleasant experience or negative publicity about a brand can create unfair classification about a company that can decrease brand forgiveness. Brand forgiveness is not an easy thing to achieve. However, from various research works it has been found that there are numbers of organizations or brands that are able to make impressive comeback in recent years. In order to increase brand forgiveness, it is required to find out the factors of brand equity that need to begin with. If a brand has some positive reputation, consumers will easily forgive the missteps. For example, in the year of 2011, due to 60% price increment, the company Netflix had lost 800,000 subscribers (77% drop in the stock price). However, the company has quickly turned around. In the year of 2013, the stock of Netflix increased by 213% (Grhan-Canli et al. 2016). There are some specific w ays in which brand equity can increase brand forgiveness. They are such as: It delivers on value proposition It can change customers live in positive manner It develops positive relationship between customers and brands. Research objectives and approach Research objectives To analyze the positive impact of brand equity on customers To assess the factors that can lead to brand forgiveness for customers To evaluate the effect of brand equity on brand forgiveness Research approach In order to conduct this research work in appropriate manner positivism philosophy has been selected along with deductive research approach. Both primary and secondary data will be collected to conduct this research work. Primary data will be collected with help of survey questionnaires and face to face interview. 10 close ended questions will be developed for the survey questionnaires. They will be distributed among 50 customers of Starbucks. All the questions will be related with brand equity and their perception about brand forgiveness. Face to face interview will be conducted with 5 managers of Starbucks. This interview will help to analyze the steps taken by the company to improve brand equity so that brand forgiveness of customers can be increased. The Impact of brand equity on brand forgiveness has also been discussed in the literature review section. The objective of this research work has been provided along with the research approach. Finally a work plan has been provided i n which the research work will be developed in future. Current work and preliminary results Presently, the proposal for this research work has been developed. The topic of this research work is The relationship between brand forgiveness and brand equity in service brand context. In the introduction section, the background information related with brand equity and brand forgiveness has been provided along with the rationale behind developing this research work. In the literature review section, two concepts of brand forgiveness and brand equity have been mentioned. work plan and implications In order to complete this research work in time, appropriate work plan has been developed. This research work is planned to be completed within 26 weeks. A Gantt chart has been provided to describe the work plan. Task And Time 1st week (2nd-4th) week (5th-7th)Week (8th-10th) week (11th -16th) week (17th -20th)week (21th-23rd ) week 24th week 25th week 26th Week Introduction and Search for Data Literature Review Research Methodology Design of Data Collection and Methods Data Collection Data Analysis and Presentation Conclusion and Recommendations Proof- Reading Sending First Draft to Supervisor Printing, Binding and Submission Implications The search of data will be completed within the first week from the starting of the research work. The literature review section of the research work will be completed within the first 4 weeks. Research methodology required for this research work will be completed within the next two weeks. Data collection and data analysis for this research work will be conducted from 11th week to 20th week. The conclusion and recommendation section of this research work will be developed from 21st week to 23rd week. Proof reading will be complete within the next one week. Printing, binding and the final submission will be done within the next two weeks. Conclusion It has been found that unpleasant experience or negative publicity about a brand can create unfair classification about a company that can decrease brand forgiveness. Brand forgiveness is not an easy thing to achieve. A company will have to go through a period of penance before it can regain its trust among customers. Six step approaches can be applied in order increase brand forgiveness. On the other hand, brand equity is the term used to mention the value of a brand. It promises about quality, performance and various other dimensions related with values that can affect consumers choice about the competing products and services. It has been found that there are various ways in which the brand equity in improve brand forgiveness. In order to complete this research work positivism philosophy has been used along with deductive approach. Both primary and secondary data will gathered to conduct this research work in appropriate manner. Reference list Bruhn, M., Schoenmueller, V. and Schfer, D.B., 2012. Are social media replacing traditional media in terms of brand equity creation?.Management Research Review,35(9), pp.770-790. Cuneo, A., Lopez, P. and Jesus Yage, M., 2012. Measuring private labels brand equity: a consumer perspective.European Journal of Marketing,46(7/8), pp.952-964. Grhan-Canli, Z., Hayran, C. and Sarial-Abi, G., 2016. Customer-based brand equity in a technologically fast-paced, connected, and constrained environment.AMS Review, pp.1-10. Hakala, U., Svensson, J. and Vincze, Z., 2012. Consumer-based brand equity and top-of-mind awareness: a cross-country analysis.Journal of Product Brand Management,21(6), pp.439-451. Hsu, K.T., 2012. The advertising effects of corporate social responsibility on corporate reputation and brand equity: Evidence from the life insurance industry in Taiwan.Journal of business ethics,109(2), pp.189-201. Jara, M. and Cliquet, G., 2012. Retail brand equity: Conceptualization and measurement.Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services,19(1), pp.140-149. Kapferer, J.N., 2012.The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights and strategic thinking. Kogan page publishers. Kim, K.H., Jeon, B.J., Jung, H.S., Lu, W. and Jones, J., 2012. Effective employment brand equity through sustainable competitive advantage, marketing strategy, and corporate image.Journal of Business Research,65(11), pp.1612-1617. Sheng, M.L. and Teo, T.S., 2012. Product attributes and brand equity in the mobile domain: The mediating role of customer experience.International Journal of Information Management,32(2), pp.139-146. Stahl, F., Heitmann, M., Lehmann, D.R. and Neslin, S.A., 2012. The impact of brand equity on customer acquisition, retention, and profit margin.Journal of Marketing,76(4), pp.44-63. Torres, A., Bijmolt, T.H., Trib, J.A. and Verhoef, P., 2012. Generating global brand equity through corporate social responsibility to key stakeholders.International Journal of Research in Marketing,29(1), pp.13-24. Wang, W.T. and Li, H.M., 2012. Factors influencing mobile services adoption: a brand-equity perspective.Internet Research,22(2), pp.142-179.

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The Health Care Industry

Introduction Health Care is a term used to refer to all duties geared towards provision of necessary measures concerned with human health. Such duties and services are normally provided through professionally trained medical personnel (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). However, provision of medical services always requires adequate finances from the recipient for health stability to be maintained.Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on The Health Care Industry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This should be organized based on medical legislative policies and standards governing the healthcare system within specified regions or countries. The health care industry faces numerous challenges which require urgent and adequate address; these challenges are in form of costs as well as complex processes followed to ensure delivery of right services. Various economic effects also contributes towards rising costs on health insurance premiums, this has seen reduction in access to efficient medical care. Such factors have led to elimination of health care insurance services by most employers (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Summary of the selected chapter The chapter focuses on the challenges facing healthcare sector in the process of providing their services to individuals, this includes the provision of health care insurance it’s pricing and the effects on population. The healthcare industry comprises of several services including those given in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories and health care experts. There are indeed numerous communication tools utilized by the caregivers which could help in the facilitation of health care provision. Such tools are capable of delivering necessary guidance and support hence assist in enhancing citizens’ confidence on their health care system and management. Health care management plans should be provided so as to help faci litate the processes of managing health conditions in an appropriate and consistent way based on medical personal plan. Several policies have been proposed by the United States concerning patient health protection based on affordable services (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Other countries also have systems concerning the same where national health insurance is paid by the government using tax revenues ensuring that individuals can access health services at affordable costs or no cost at all. However, in America the private health insurance is currently paid by the employers.Advertising Looking for proposal on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This has had dire consequences to the population since health paid for in such manner could create intractable incentives which could lead to higher prices. The other problem also emerges on the regulation process which will require up-grading of the curre nt insurance system (Health Care 434). Health care costs require review to the extent of enabling consumers purchase their value for money services. Health care marginal benefits should be positive and of great benefit to the society. Rationing mechanisms might be utilized to ensure control on the cost of health care; even the use of non-price mechanisms such as offering health insurance could be utilized. The United States applies the use of government insurance regulation which has had both positive and negative impacts (Health Care 443). Supply of medical practitioners is also raising concerns since despite increase in number of physicians; their services fail to meet the demand of the American population. Technological changes within the medical field have also affected the industry by lowering costs such as reducing lengths of stay in hospitals but at the same time some technological advances have significantly increased the prices of services offered (Health Care 444). In addi tion, there is also emergence of managed-care organizations which assists in controlling costs of medication ensuring that all citizens irrespective of their social status reduces their health care expenditures. Moral Hazard Problem This problem involves the issue when one party alters the agreement signed between two parties in a way that is costly and detrimental to the other party. There are several inefficiencies prevalent within the health care system. Such include fraud and abuse cases against patients by the medical staff in exposing confidential medical information concerning individuals. According to medical ethics it is always necessary for Health information obtained from patients to be personalized and kept confidential as per the agreement between the patient and the medical practitioner. This offers some confidence on the side of the patient hence expresses readiness to seek more and more medical counselling. Patients’ medical reports should always be handled wi th lots of caution and every effort applied to ensure their protection since it can either act as source of encouragement or discouragement depending on how such information is handled by the experts. Exposing medical information concerning patients with certain diseases may lead to social discrimation within the job market (Health Care 434-484).Advertising We will write a custom proposal sample on The Health Care Industry specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More From another perspective health care insurance at times causes people to react in different ways. It at times makes people to be reluctant on the issues concerning their personal health hence not paying much attention on preventive measures. The insurance cover also makes individuals at times to breach their integrity on the use of medical incentives. They are times when individuals are tempted to use healthcare frequently than expected compared to when there is no provision on insurance coverage. Weak security accorded to patient’s medical information could be attributed to lack of appropriate information system technology. However, with the improvement in technological know-how, high standards of ethics and technology are applicable for the confidentiality purposes in all sectors within the industry. Such standards are expected to be maintained within organizational bodies such as healthcare clearinghouse concerned with data retrieval and compilation. This should happen for the purposes of building good rapport between individuals and medical specialist (Health Care 434-484). Falsification of medical records should be treated with a lot of concern. All the records need to be straight including those of third parties. The manner in which medical records as well as financial records are handled within health institutions determines to a large extent the level if investors interests in providing support to healthcare system. All entries for every tra nsaction should be shown for accountability purposes as well as maintaining financial integrity. Financial management within the health care industry should be realigned to reflect the standards based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. GAAP ensures that the right financial procedures are applied and followed by all medics in relation to organization’s activities, calling for their full cooperation in providing valid information (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Inappropriate information on financial records should lead to direct termination of the concerned employee. Un-ethical practices within medical field in line with financial management include; alteration of true financial transaction figures, inappropriate entries on income and expenditures, maintenance of fraudulent accounting reports and documents, recording any payments outside those described within the confines of the hospitals’ rules and regulations and forgery of signatories (U.S. D epartment of Health and Human Services).Advertising Looking for proposal on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Integrity of healthcare institutions revolves around the reputation of its employees. Medical organizations should not allow personal financial inducements to control their overall professional performances on administering appropriate treatment. All activities and practices should be performed under the guidance of already set ethical principles. Various core values guarding individual services within medical institutions should be observed even by the various medical associates, like pharmacists and medical engineers (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Solution to the problem The problem could be addressed through enforcement of ‘Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996’ (HIPAA) security which applies comprehensive address on the legislative procedures concerning individual health policies (Rada). The policy enables easy identification of fraudulent activities within the health care industry, and also protects patients from such abuses as job discrimination. The statute enables Americans to easily access health insurance benefits since it makes easy insurance portability processes. All individual medical documents are transformed into reports which are easily approved by the concerned organizational bodies dealing with medical reports. The procedure is used in keeping policy records with high level of confidentiality and ensures maintenance of integrity. There is also provision on the necessary fines imposed on individuals upon breaching of the policies within the statute. Managed-care organizations work closely with the statute in ensuring that patients are well served by various physicians despite looming disadvantages provided by the policies. There should be no denial of highly effective treatment based on the prices charged by the medics, this would ensure that proper insurance services are extended to millions of people within the United States (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Works Cit ed Health Care. Microeconomics Issues and Policies. NY: Health Administration Press, 2010. Print. Rada, Rodgers. How HIPAA Compliant Can Any Technology Be?† HIPAA Advisory: Phoenix Health Systems. Web. 2010 Web. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. â€Å"Security and Electronic Signature Standards; Proposed Rule.† The Federal Register, 63.155 (1998): 43242-43280. Web. This proposal on The Health Care Industry was written and submitted by user Sylas B. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.